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The chinese medical see skin problem is related to your health, which is cause the skin problems. It is not the skin itself, even though the rashes occur on the skin.

Skin and Your Health

We have treated a variety of skin problems from children to elderly over the last 20 years. Many of our patients have benefited from our treatment.

One of the case studied: 

Mr. Truch,  complain that he has red rash around the right waist area with feeling of tingling pain, skin sensitive and burning for 7 days. The tongue was red and a lots of teeth marks around the tongue. The dignosis was SHINGLES(Chinese diagnosis was weak Yin and Qi which cause toxin fire to burn the skin) . After a accurate diagnosis, acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine has been provided. He was getting better each time; all the symptoms were disappeared in 7 treatments. He was happy and we were happy for him.

The client had a ECZMA  on her face.  The rashes sore and itching. Her tongue was extremely red. The clinic helped her free of rashes with Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture treatments.